Change up time!

There’s not much point in rehashing what I’m doing on my Tumblr in regards to painting and drawing and such. While I quite enjoy delving into each drawing I do in a bit more detail, I also feel that it’s a bit of a waste of time.

THEREFORE this blog is having a bit of a change-up, make-over, whatever you’d like to call it, to become all things writing related. Mainly, a retrospective travel blog.

I’ve a need to capture some of my travels in writing before they disappear entirely, and while I start as an eager journaler whilst travelling, I usually end up lapsing irrevocably (or at least it feels that way) about three quarters through the trip.

So while I may miss a few important moments on my travels, and they’ll be wildly out of order, I’ll be glad to have them down.

I’ll also add some other writing projects I’ve had published or started. After all, the goal this year is to start getting published.


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