There’s something just so darn exciting about making up an itinerary, isn’t there?

Seeing a holiday in tangible form in a diary or on the computer makes it a bit more real. It’s pretty impossible to imagine how everything will go down once you get to your destination, but it’s always good to pretend you can map out most of the details.

While planning has its benefits- mainly that you won’t be stuck sleeping in the train station because you forgot to book a hostel during the London Olympics, or Oktoberfest, or any large touristy event- I discovered in my last Europe trip that spontaneity has its charms too.

I remember in Seville, Spain, when we booked into our hostel. A guy around our age stomped in with his heavy backpack and asked if there was a room available that night, was given an apology as the whole place was booked up. That kind of thing would have sent me into a panic attack but he seemed pretty calm to just wander off to the next place.

This was my itinerary from the first Europe trip with the girls:

I posted this originally in August for a November departure. I was pumping myself up during the long winter by looking up hostels. We originally planned quite a lot to begin with but relaxed towards the end of the trip, planning only a week or so in advance.

What do you like to do when planning a holiday? Are you a go with the flow person, or do you like to have a plan so you don’t miss a thing?


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