The Art and Craft of Yarn Bombing

I wrote about the homely act of yarn bombing for Youth Central. Yarn bombing (also known as guerilla knitting or woolly tagging) is the act of making graffiti using knitting and crochet, and I talked to some rad ladies from Melbourne and New Zealand about why they do it!

Find the article here


It was two in the afternoon as “Bali” tagged the thick grey pole on Melville Street in West Brunswick. She looked around furtively. “I usually put them up late at night or early in the morning,” she said. “I don’t like people watching.”

In a café behind her, staff and patrons watched with mild curiosity. Bali finished attaching her tag with a knot, cut her needle off, and attached a note to lead curious passers-by to her blog, Twilight Taggers.

However, unlike the ugly scrawled tags on trains and brick walls, Bali’s graffiti is a length of knitted black wool stretched around the pole and adorned with colourful crochet flowers.



2 thoughts on “The Art and Craft of Yarn Bombing

  1. So impressive! I once came across the ‘ninja knitters’ around where I live in London, who had wrapped various things – including traffic lights and a bus stop – in extra long scarves. That cab is awesome though. I’d love to get a lift in that!

    • Ha ninja knitters, what a great name! The cab is by artist Agata Oleksiak and she let me help out (that’s me in the photo crocheting the bonnet) then they drove me around London… I couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the day! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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