Allow me to introduce myself.

The last few years have echoed with the phrases “what are you going to do when you grow up?”

There’s also, “where does that degree take you?”

“What profession do you want to go into?”

“What’s your ideal job?”

I ambled through the first year of an Arts degree at Melbourne, before moving to the slightly more structured Media and Communications title at Deakin.

A straightforward three year degree has been stretched out to four as I wanted to travel and study.

Now, I’m getting close to the pointy end of my degree, and I’m still not any closer to answering the above questions.

I want to write, paint, and draw. I want to create beautiful things.  I want to travel. Not necessarily in that order.

This blog, and my tumblr, are my way of documenting an attempt to improve my skills as I (hopefully) meander my way towards the professional world of making things.

I’m Lisette Charlotte. Artist, writer, crafter, procrastinator. Nice to meet you!

(There’s also my old blog Purple Custard Service Station to go have a look at for my past exploits!)


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