Sleeping Beauty

This is why I need to use charcoal more often.

I got the above image from the film Sleeping Beauty (2011) which for some reason stuck with me. It was twisted, haunting and confusing. Emily Browning played the main character whose motives and emotions were hard to discern; she was quickly retreating from everything bright and normal in her world, and descending into a shadowy, dreamlike void.

I initially tried to do this drawing in sanguine charcoal and this was the result:

Bleurgh. No. Not happy. While I love this medium, it just wasn’t right for the mood of the image.

It took me a large number of false starts before I managed something I actually liked. My bed was completely covered in charcoal too!

I need to do a supply run to get more black charcoal and make more drawings like this.


So far, so good…

Did this in year 11 art class as a present for dad, and I’m now re purposing it for In Brief issue 2 as the cover art. I’m thinking of adding a whole lot more flying dudes either similarly a la Magritte:

Or maybe make it more of a collage. Haven’t quite decided.

I originally intended for him (Gary) to be flying but quite a few people thought he was committing suicide. Maybe a glass half full/ glass half empty kinda deal?